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Logistics Coordinator

06.08.2013 · Posted in Jobs in African Countries
Objective 1: Responsible for the coordination of logistics activities Activities:
Coordinate logistics activities for the support of the bases and programs with other members of the coordination team and headquarters The planning of logistical requirements (and funds) of the Office for coordination of Bukavu and contribute to develop the logistics strategy of the mission to the East of the country. Responsible for the implementation of the kit log 3.1 on all bases in the East of DRC and respect, as well as procedures logistics providers. Ensure the link with the administration, heads of basic, technical coordinators and the Chief of Mission area is for the proper implementation of the programmes and the support teams Participate in the development of the strategy of the mission in the East of the country, in the preparation of proposals for new projects, budgets for donors. Carry out regular surveys support and audit on the bases. Organize assessments of security and logistics in new/potential project areas. Organizes the openings / closures of bases.
Objective 2: Responsible for the management of logistics personnel Activities:
Form national and international logistics logistics procedures ACF and donors. Write profiles of post of logistics staff supervised, define their objectives and their assessments. Monitor the functioning of the local teams on the bases. Propose and ensure individual or structural changes in the national team when/if necessary Develop the logistics organization chart of the Office of coordination of Bukavu. Support the logistics staff technically and in terms of organization.
Objective 3: Responsible for the management of materials, equipment and properties of ACF Activities:
Check and validate forecasting logistics of the basics of field and the basis of Bukavu. Head of procurement planning, coordinated with the logistics Coordinator and technical programs coordinators/managers for the preparation of the purchase plans. Check the chain of command of the bases, procurement, and order tracking. Control the logistics delivery to bases. Monitor the management of stocks (quality, quantity). Responsible for the fact that tendering and procurement records comply with ACF and donor procedures. Check the quality of the logistic support to the programmes in the East of the country. Charge with logistics Coordinator of homogenization equipment policy and management of the mission in the East of the country with the national. Responsible for proper management of vehicles, ensure that the maintenance / repair of vehicles / motorcycles is adequate, control the consumption of fuel and spare parts, prepares monthly monitoring (monthly fleet cost report) and the annual planning of vehicles. Proper operation and management of offices, houses, and storage ACF has Bukavu (energy, water, repairs/rehabilitation etc).
Objective 4: Security management Activities:
Working relationship with the Chief of Mission area East and Coordinator logistics Eastern Region Assistant security-related information. Responsible for the update of the national-level security plans and bases in coordination with the Chief of Mission area is. Ensure compliance with the procedures of the security plan (national and the level of the foundations). Former expatriate and national staff on the management of the security. Ensure the safely of the head of Mission area is acting.
Objective 5: Reporting & Representation Activities:
Ensure the logistic contribution to the Office for the coordination of Bukavu SITREPS. Receive monthly reports log databases, analyze them, comment on them and make constructive feedback to the bases. Prepare /envoyer has the coordination of Kinshasa report monthly log of the Office for coordination of Bukavu. Provides updates of the list of equipment, stock reports, order tracking and transport. Responsible for reporting donor for logistics: inventory, purchasing procedures. Represent the logistics team for the coordination meetings of the Bukavu Office. Represent ACF logistics external meetings with other NGOs, cluster at the Provincial levels.
Skills and experience needed:
Good logistics training, a good organizational capacity, good management of staff and common sense. Knowledge of security. A good knowledge of the technical areas of logistics is essential for proper management of certain problem areas; mechanical, radio communication, satellite etc system Ability to study and put in place systems and solutions that work. Ability to follow the work of others. Capacity to work in teams. Capacity of negotiation and diplomacy essential meaning. Other skills and qualifications: Need someone with a strong background in logistics; particularly difficult procedures, extensive geographic, many staffs and newly released war context. Volatile situation at safe level
How to apply:

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