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05.17.2013 · Posted in Jobs in African Countries

Organization: Oxfam GB
Country: Kenya
Closing date: 29 May 2013

Oxfam works with vulnerable communities in the Arid and Semi Arid Lands of Kenya as well as the informal urban settlements to reduce poverty and inequality. Oxfam focuses on long term development, humanitarian work as well as advocacy and campaigns. Turkana County being one of the ASAL areas, has suffered a long period of exclusion characterised by scarce resources. The policy environment has not been sensitive to the needs of the people and this has exacerbated poverty and vulnerability of the inhabitants, worsened by the sorry state of infrastructure. The Turkana County context is largely characterised by low civic awareness, low knowledge on devolved governance, low community participation in public projects, limited issue based politics, weak institutions including civil society and porous borders.

As a rights-based organisation, Oxfam grounds all its work in strengthening the ability of people living in poverty to demand and defend their rights, and ensuring that governments and institutions fulfill their responsibilities to respect and protect the rights of poor people. Oxfam views its role as an institutional capacity strengthening organisation as key in ensuring ownership and sustainability of the organizations programmes.

The 2010 Constitution of Kenya offers a great window of opportunity for the country to improve on governance through devolution. However, the gains offered will only be realized when the people (both in office and outside) develop a culture of constitutionalism. In line with this, we intend to train the newly elected Turkana County Assembly Members on their roles and responsibilities.

Turkana community engagement in democratic reforms project
The project is being implemented by Oxfam in partnership with LOKADO in Turkana County and the objectives include:
1. Turkana County government with institutions that are accountable, transparent, responsive and inclusive to deliver public services effectively
2. The citizens of Turkana county increasingly participating and holding county governance institutions accountable.
3. Women in Turkana County increasingly take up leadership positions and participate in political and socio-economic spheres of development
The project aims at ensuring that communities’ voices and action have platforms through which they can hold Turkana county government to account whilst strengthening the capacity of the county government to be accountable in fulfilling the rights of the citizens.

Purpose of the assignment
The purpose of this training is to increase the capacity of Turkana County Assembly to practice good governance in dispensing its duties and responsibilities and contribute to its adherence to constitutionalism.

To train Turkana County Assembly Members on their constitutional roles and obligations to the citizens in order to promote responsive service provision.

Methodology: This will be developed in consultation with Oxfam’s personnel.

Scope of the assignment
The entire assignment will take five days. The actual training workshop will be for two days in Turkana, while two days will be given for preparation of training materials and another one day for report writing. 45 participants will be trained.

The training will cover the following topics:
• Understanding devolution
• County planning and budgeting processes
• Role of County Assembly Members in legislation and rethinking the by-laws
• Oversight role of the County Assembly Members
• Action plan in involving communities in county governance

Production of handouts will be facilitated by Oxfam.

Institution / Personnel Required
We are looking for an experienced facilitator with extensive knowledge on:
• Content of the 2010 Kenyan Constitution and the various legislations relevant to devolution
• Good understanding of the political environment in Kenya especially rolling out of devolution
• Experience in Leadership and good governance training
• Has at least a degree in political science, law or any of the social sciences
• Over 5 years training experience with excellent skills in presentations, workshop facilitation and participatory training methodologies
• Ability to work effectively and in a consultative manner with Oxfam’s team
• Good command of Swahili language
• Availability and willingness to travel to Lodwar in Turkana for the two training days

Timing: 5 working days

Expected Output
• 45 County Assembly Members trained as per the defined scope above
• Develop simplified reference notes for the participants on leadership and integrity, devolution, public participation in governance of the counties, public planning and budgeting, oversight roles of County Assembly, accountability mechanisms and the possible legal risks against failure to adhere to constitutional and legal provisions.
• Training materials and detailed workshop report in soft copy

How to apply:

Send Expressions of Interest including a budget by 29th May 2013 at 5.00pm and clearly indicate on the subject line: Turkana County Assembly Members Training to

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